Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Just In: Terry puss's out again!

Hey Sportsfans, Well I got some bad news... Once again terry has turned tail and ran from his weekly trouncing. I just dont understand why he feels the need to promise me blood only to, hours before battle, pull the carpet out from under me. Doesn't he know that this hurts me, hurts me so strong?!?

Anyway last time he shattered my feelings I photoshopped him on a chicken with the promise that if he manned up I would photoshop him on a more respectable animal. But, since he continues to present me with maximum fail I have decided to photoshop him onto a geo duck. It is a mollusk  that looks like a colossal dong.

Every time terry decides to destroy all of my emotions with insensitivity I will photoshop him onto a lowlier animal. This is my promise to you, my faithful constituents, I wont let you down.

- courage


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feel My Photoshop Wrath Terry!!!

Well... I suppose it was gonna happen eventually... a picture of terrys head on a chicken. Now perhaps if terry battles me soon and does a respectable job of defending himself I will photoshop his head on a more awesome animal... Like a shark lion.


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