Monday, May 19, 2008

Joel is teh Nubsauce!

Hey babies I know, i know. you haven't seen a post in a while, but pretty babies, I didn't mean it... I mean, I didn't post cause well, I just love you so much babies! I would never not post... its just that, well, you make me so angry! and I just cant control it! then I go and not post, if only you didn't make me so angry! All right all right. we get it, I'm like a abusive husband who cant control his beating habits. Hilarious.


The screenshot you see is not a fake. that is indeed joel poking his massive head into the scary world of console gaming, and the even more frightening world of online co-op. For you lamer weaksaucers who dont know what that means let me explain, Co-op play is when both you and another person play through the single player campaign of game side by side. 

Essentially it means Joel can watch my amazing skillz and killz as there happening! What a lucky guy he is! I mean, terry gets to see then as well but my stompings are so swift that he never gets to truly appreciate them. Joel on the other hand gets the full benefit of my awsome talents in the form of protection. As the aliens and menaces surround him like a dark storm cloud Joel can look up to see a beaming light cut through his terror. It is I, Jon, cutting down swathes of enemies making sure not a scratch lands upon Joels fearful brow. And as I walk him down the dark paths Joel with become stronger! more fierce! And as he watches me slay enemies his skills will turn viciously into SKILLZ! And when that day comes... We will battle!!!! Yes, that is the reason for the co-op! I am to take joel through the game so that he can hone his abilities to match my own.

Game on Joel. Soak up my teachings! I look forward to the student surpassing the master.

as for you beautiful fans, you will see the carnage that me and joel produce together until Joel deems his powers are strong enough for the deathmatch arena.

stay tuned!

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