Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Son of a Bitch!

Guess what those three red lights mean? well, they mean the same thing they meant the first time they showed up 2 years ago and had to send the console back to microsoft for repairs. My xbox is broken. bull shit!

should be back within a month and a half. Until then.... Bullshit!

MMH - Late, and I still owe ya'll one Edition

Hello dudes and dudettes, yes yes, I'm an asshole, look me, the big douche. I get it, I have been uber tardy on my postings. I'll try to be better. One thing thats a problem is terry has been away, rocking the east coast with his music stylings, so we haven't been able to battle, therefore no fresh kills. 

Did you know that "fresh kills" is an actual location? It's in staten island, they have a big landfill there. Although hows a guys supposed to tell where the landfill ends and staten island begins? HA! Staten Island is a shitty pit from hell, only losers live there. what a bunch of dicks. If you took all the people of staten island and made them all battle against me all at once I could beat them all within about 5 minutes.

But I digress...

In other news, Joel is finally back in the city. Hello and welcome back Joel. perhaps with some coercion we'll get some sweet picts of me and you battling for supremacy? 

Dont answer yet... think about it.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008



So I am finally feeling better. The cold was a fierce and quality opponent, striking me down like a little nub for many days. He tried to best me throughout last weak, throwing grenades,  and blind firing at me from the inner depths of my chest.  For a while I thought I was gonna lose the game... But then all i had to do was visualize the chest congestion as a green slimy shimmering Terry, sitting there teabagging my lungs. Once I did that I bested the cold with swift vitamin c justice and powerful 1 -2 punches of chicken soup.

Stupid common cold terry didn't stand a chance!

anyway, here is your headshot... lookit terry, he's getting shot in the head.


Friday, March 7, 2008

fuck all ya'll... straight up!

hey guys, i haven't blogged all week cause I feel like dog shit. me and my beautiful blushing bride have been sick as the day is long. I got a bad case of the bads in my stomach. i think we can all agree that nobody wants a case of the bads "down there". and i aint talking about the ol' tree trunk. 
anyway, i was gonna tell you to forgive me for not posting  but now I am not, I was sick and you can all bite my bag. YOU guys weren't sick, YOU guys didn't puke up a fancy dinner, all you people did was sit on you healthy ass's and probably sent me bad sick vibes with your minds. I do so much for you guys! and its your fault I am sick. in fact you people should be making blogs for me! 
anyway, i am tired. stop tryin to get me sick!

Monday, March 3, 2008

MMH - go go gadget FIST!

Is it technically a head shot if its a fist doing the damage? I say yes!  Today you get to witness terry actually die from one of my mighty fists to the face! lookit all the blood getting whomped from his headpiece! Poor terry, now he will be unable to get ladies cause of his after-punch ugliness.  HA!


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