Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Just In: Terry puss's out again!

Hey Sportsfans, Well I got some bad news... Once again terry has turned tail and ran from his weekly trouncing. I just dont understand why he feels the need to promise me blood only to, hours before battle, pull the carpet out from under me. Doesn't he know that this hurts me, hurts me so strong?!?

Anyway last time he shattered my feelings I photoshopped him on a chicken with the promise that if he manned up I would photoshop him on a more respectable animal. But, since he continues to present me with maximum fail I have decided to photoshop him onto a geo duck. It is a mollusk  that looks like a colossal dong.

Every time terry decides to destroy all of my emotions with insensitivity I will photoshop him onto a lowlier animal. This is my promise to you, my faithful constituents, I wont let you down.

- courage


Poor Mr. Arbuckle

I've never linked to a websight of someone I didn't know here at the weaksauce but this was to good to not pass on to all my loyal subjects. Who would have thought that just removing garfield from jons life would make him sound so very depressed and insane.
click here for more of sad jon arbuckle. 

"garfield" is actually far more awesome without garfield present.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


hey guys, I'M BACK!  Word to the wise... Don't go on a cruise, they be lamesauce! anyway here's all ya'lls headshot. I am squatting on terry which means extra shame being heaped on him.

there's a battle tonight, I'll give you an update tomorrow on the post game carnage.



Friday, February 15, 2008

Preemptive MMH - Cruise Edition

hey guys, you get your headshot a little early cause of the cruise. here's terry, once again getting shot in the face. look at the awkward stance he's in though... when I look at it I just assume the last thing he said was "Hurk!" is that just me?  what do YOU think terry's saying?



what up dudettes, I am going to be on a cruise all next week so your not gonna get much (read: any) weaksauce in you stocking. Sorry about that. You see, because of all the maximum win I am expected to produce on a day to day basis I get all tense. The tenser I get the less win I can produce, hence the cruise. Perhaps terry should take a cruise? How bout that? Do you all think it could provide him with enough sun and surf to start producing carnage to rival mine?... yeah I don't think so either.

anyway, you'll see more weaksauce soon enough. dont get scared

... courage.

Monday, February 11, 2008

MMH - High Up Edition

Ahh... another monday, and with it another headshot. I am not sure if terry even knew what happened to himself in this one. one minute he was chillin, the next, he was a cold dead turd. 


now i will say something I have been saying for the last couple of days... "my kingdom for a horse!"

peace out friends and neighbors.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Surprise Surprise! Terrys shame for the day!

what up bitches? here's wishin all'yall a very big TGIF. I'll let you start your weekend decompression with this freshest of the fresh Battle Shot of me taking a mini-gun to terrys freshly Pwned  meat sack. I have no doubt that I demoralized him by doing this... Which is awesome.

now go out there and get some sweet weekend-on-friend action!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Battle Pics

Check it folks... I snuck up behind terry while he was manning the gattling gun. I wuz all like " step the fuk down bitch!" then I fucking punched his dome. Then he was all like " omg! holy shit! ", and then he died.

over all a good battle. two games, two maps, around 50 killz and skillz by me and 15, far between but excellent, killz by mr ohiowarmusic himself. As the days go by I'll get to posting more picts. There this one where it's my tank vs terrys plane. Who wins? we may never know... actually its me! i fuckin stomped him.

peace lovers!

Monday, February 4, 2008

MMH- Not all headshots come from bullets

the spiker shoots rebar... i shot terry with the spiker... now terry has tons of rebar in him. note the piece in his nut, hence the MMH today.


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